[SEA] Weekday GM Event - Januari 2017


Event Title: Find and Party the GM!
Schedule:  Every Monday
Time: 5PM-6PM
Channel:  Ch1-12 (Random)
Map: Raven Back Street, Bayen Freedom Port, Wolf Shadow Village, Raven Gold Sunset Port
Conditions:  First 3 players to find the GM and complete the instance will be rewarded
Number of Instance Runs: 4 (two for each party)
Event Runs per day: 4
Rewards: 6 players (2 event runs per day)
  • High Enchanting Box x1
  • Grade 2 Soul Stone Box x1
  • The event is open to all players regardless of level and job class.
  • GM will go to random channel and hide on random map, and will announce for players to find him
  • Party slots are based on a 1st come, 1st serve basis.
  • First three players to find him will be invited to party and complete one Instance/ Dungeon Run depending on the map they’re in:
Map Instance to Complete
Raven Back Street Raven Black Market
Bayen Freedom Port Pirate Treasure Vault
Wolf Shadow Village Dangerous Snow Mountains
Raven Gold Sunset Port Revival Blood Altar
  • Each party member must have enough fatigue for the instance. If not, another player will be asked to join
  • After completing two runs, party will be disbanded and GM will go hiding again. The event will end after two parties have been accommodated or until the end time of the event (6PM)
  • Players are only allowed to participate once in this event. Players can only join the weekday events twice per week.
  • Rewards are only given if the party has completed at least one instance run with B ranking or above
  • Should one of the party members is disconnected during the instance run, he/she will be allowed to rejoin the party on the next run. However, if the player will be disconnected for the third time, he will not be allowed to join further, and no prize will be given.
  • Prize/s will be credited to the winner’s account within 3 to 7 working days after the event.
  • GMs decision is final and binding.
*How many PLAYERS will be accommodated per event day? -6
*How many  winners per day? -6
*How many rounds to get winners? –two complete instance run for them to receive rewards