[SEA] Flag Rumble - Januari


Event Title: Flag Rumble
Schedule: Every First and Third Saturday of the month (Jan 7, Jan 21)
Time: 5PM – 6PM
Channel:  PVP
Match Type: Free Match
Mode:  Capture the Flag; Bracket-type single elimination
Map: Flag-Captured Battlefield
Winning Condition:  Winning team and runner-up at the end of the event will be rewarded
No. of Matches: Seven
Manpower needed: 1 GM
Reward: 6 players
Winning Team
   +9 Enhance Stone (Lv1~65) x1
   Reappraisal Scroll (Bound) x50
   Revaluation Scroll (Bound) x50

Runner Up
   Reappraisal Scroll (Bound) x50
   Revaluation Scroll (Bound) x50
  • Event is open to all players regardless of character level and PVP rank level.
  • The GM assigned will announce the room and password of the event. First six players to join the room will be eligible for the match.
  • Slots are based on a 1st come, 1st serve basis. Participants are allowed only to switch sides if team balancing is needed (in case that one team has higher-level characters compared to others)
  • Each team will be consisted of three players. GM will act as spectator
  • A team can only have a Valkyrie or an Éclair; a team can’t have both.
  • Each team can only have one player per job class (eg. A team can only have one Demon blader, a team can’t have two of it)
  • After one match, GM will then create a new room and password and re-announce for the next match. Winners will be asked to wait for the semis and will be invited there
  • Eliminations will end after four teams have won and will proceed to the semis and to finals. Each match will be single-elimination
  • Players will be asked to check their connection to prevent latency issues during the event.
  • Should one of the team members be disconnected during the match, the match will only be restarted only if no team has reached 25 points yet
  • If one of the players got disconnected, a waiting time maximum of 5 minutes will be allotted for him to return. If the said player did not returned:
  • For Eliminations, another player will be prompted on his position. The player who got disconnected may join the next match instead.
  • For Semis and Finals, the match will be defaulted. If the teammates will insist to fight (eg. continue to a 2v3 Match), the GM will decide
  • If both teams are left with same count of players at the semis or finals (e.g. two players on each team), the match will proceed
  • Champion and runner-up can only join again on the PVP Event next week. Losers can join again on the next day.  Players who already participated in previous rounds will be kicked from the room to give other players a chance to join the event. In case that there is shortage on participants, losers may be let to join again
  • Prize/s will be credited to the winner’s account within 3 to 7 working days after the event.
  • GMs decision is final and binding